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We are proud to list and make available Certified, Authorized Practitioners of many different healing modalities of ONACS recognized Practitioners, Teachers and Ministers.

Modalities Offered
Native American Healing/ Medicine
Native American Healing Ceremony/ Ritual
SomaVeda® Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage
Nuad Boran
Yoga Therapy
Yoga Classes
Sacred Medicine
Herbal Medicine/ Prakhop Samun Praii
SomaVeda B.E.T.
EFT/ Tapping/ Tok Sen
Religious/ Spiritual Counseling
Traditional Natural Medicine
Indigenous Traditional Medicine
Chirothesia/ Laying on Hands
Vibrational/ Energetic Healing
Jade Integrative Medicine
Sacred Nutrition and Eating Counseling
Specialties in Pain and Soft Tissue Disorders
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Reusi Doton (Thai Reishi Yoga)

All Practitioners and Teachers are Graduates Certified, Authorized and or ONACS Commissioned
Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda
Oklevueha Native American Church of Humiovi
SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine
The Thai Yoga Center

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Anyone can enjoy the benefits of Thai Yoga!

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